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War of the Web War of the Web

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The game is fantastic, but I WISH there was an ignore feature.

There could be more balance, as militia can easily kill a rank 9 soldier with max weapons. Which doesn't make any sense at all. The weapons are cool. And I have no real problems aside from no anti-spam feature. Please fix this pronto.

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You're a Tool! You're a Tool!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

I remember submitting... Something to this collab, don't think it made it though. It turned out nice, but it wasn't as good as the other two. I s'pos puns can only last so long, eh? The music I have to say was the best part, most of the art had cheap jokes, and a ton of them retold the same joke a few pages over.

The art itself was rather nice in some of 'em, I absolutely loved the really detailed ones. As for the ones that were just GREY-ON-GREY were... Grey.

All in all, I feel proud to have tried to help with this. I liked some of it, the music was appealing. So 5/10.

Particle Wars Extreme Particle Wars Extreme

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game brings back tons of memories, like Space Invaders FEVER for the PSP, back in the day when I would spend countless hours just on the demo contently trying to beat my score.

I remember it because of the beautiful and captivating sparkly lights when a invader blew up, and the heart pumping beats it produced. This game is simply breath taking, and brought only goodness from me.

- The visuals were simply amazing.
- The music was great, and since you used Newgrounds user music, that's a plus.
- Controls were really easy to just pick up.
- Gameplay was amazingly enjoyable.

I can't see much flaws with it, nor do I want to, it'd just ruin my experience with this, which is a shame.

10/10 5/5
Keep at it.

ZEGMAN responds:

Thank you very much! :D

The Squirrel Game The Squirrel Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Didn't give the right appeal

I have to say I love distance games, and with this great mix of stupidity in it, it COULD have been great. This however didn't really give me the feel I honestly craved from this game.


+ I liked the story, because it is random, and unseen.

+ Collecting acorns to use something that is sometimes really needed gave me a challenge, allowed me to play out a level more then once so I could dazzle myself by knowing where these things are. Which gave me a good feeling.

+ The change in levels quickly felt like I finished something, and made me feel proud. It made me feel great.

Now, for the CONS:

- The acorns were sort of, EVERYWHERE it felt like they just handed me the win.

- The plant thing in the second bracket made me feel cheated, that and some of the level development where things would be seemed just lazy, and sometimes really cheap.

- Sometimes the squirrel would miss a platform for no odd reason, which really isn't great to have when you are looking at everything, trying to dodge everything. Then you just die because you didn't land PERFECTLY in the middle of it. This was a huge problem for me, and it is my biggest complaint.

So anyways, you have a good game. The music annoyed me a bit, and I would have loved a better place for your mute button, but still glad you gave me one. The graphics felt good, for the quality of the game it fits perfectly.

It could have been really great, but it sort of flopped on me half way through. Good attempt though.

7/10, 3/5

Keep at it.

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Emo Vs. Happiness Emo Vs. Happiness

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I remember a far off time

When premium games made by users that ruled the portal with great submissions only got the frontpage. The reason why, was because they actually made good games.
What makes a good game?
-Originality [This was just a terrible concept]
-Actually sized right [It isn't]
-Controls didn't slip [It did a bit]
-Music was catchy and not repetitive [This was the same annoying song]
-The voice acting was clear [This was kind of muffled and unclear, the lines didn't fit with the character at all]

I think it wasn't bad, there were so little enemies and the upgrades were kind of useless.

All in all, try harder next time. Refine the whole thing until you're sure that you want to release it. If you have doubts it will be good, then don't release it at all.
It may be harsh but it's true, keep it to yourself and fix all the small things so it's flawless.

3/10, 1/5

Keep at it ;3

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Tesla Death Ray Tesla Death Ray

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha! Great work!

I am a huge fan of these games! A simple concept like a Tesla coil turning into a huge death tower....Loved it.

The upgrades were balanced JUST right so that the last wave was still hard, yet you felt almighty.
The artwork was great, fell into place amazingly. The "minibosses" as it seemed were advanced and came in at the right moments.

Really loved that you had to upgrade at the right time with the right choices.

All in all, you've done great work here.

Keep at it. ;3

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SnowmanGame SnowmanGame

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very cute

If this is your first-third submission, you're doing pretty good from what I seen.

-Add a pause button
-Add a menu
-Add difficulties
-Add more music
-Refine graphics

Just a few things, but from what I seen. Pretty good, very cute.

Keep at it ;3

Vector Rush Vector Rush

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good :D

The game was very well done, simple, original.

The mouse controls in my case (Because I have a terrible mouse) were a bit frustrating but I blame most of that on myself.
Although options for mouse sensitivity, or even a control for using W,A,S,D/Arrow keys would be interesting as well.

Very good ;3

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